Industrial BKT Tires For Sale in Melbourne

A forklift needs quality tyres for optimum performance at all times. Your business can’t afford to have any down time. PJ Forklift Tyre Services supplies BKT Tyres that provide superior traction and are suited for the specific needs of a forklift operator, including pneumatic forklift tyres. Discover the advantages of choosing these outstanding tyres for your forklift, no matter what job or surface it needs to tackle.

  • A bias-ply tyre is specifically designed for forklifts used for industrial applications with a thick sidewall, deep tread and sturdy casing for maximum durability that minimises the risk of punctures and damages that could bring your work to a halt.
  • Agricultural professionals choose a tyre that was designed for harvesting and logistics with rotor rakes/feders that provide reliable stability with the strength of being chip and high cut resistant.
On Site Forklift Tyre Puncture Repair
  • Experience the versatility of an agro-industrial tyre that can be used for loading operations including forklifts, telehandlers and compact loaders, with impressive traction and stability as well as the ability to handle the high load capacity that comes with working in both agriculture and industry.
  • Select a tyre that has been designed just for forklifts with notable comfort, high load capacity and a reinforced structure that resists slippage as well as a unique bead shape that makes mounting operations on the rim easier.

A forklift needs to stand up to ongoing lifting, driving and moving. It is essential to choose top quality forklift tyres that are stable, strong and made specifically for forklift applications. From harvesting to industry, PJ Forklift Tyre Services is with you every step of the way.

Boost Productivity

You need to depend on your forklift tyres to get the job done right. BKT Tyres are there to get you through all the challenges of each work day, even when you have high load capacity or need to navigate stubborn terrain. BKT Tyres make it easier to focus on your business, knowing you have the best tyres for your forklift operations. Contact PJ Forklift Tyre Services by phone on 0419 515 841 to learn more about what BKT Tyres can do for your company.

SizePatternTubeValveFlapRimUnloaded Inflated DimensionsPly RatingLoad Capacity(Kg)Inflation Pressure(±15%)
RecAlt±2%Forklift Trucks Up to 25 km/hOther Vehicles
Section Width(mm)Overall Diameter(mm)Load WeelSteer Wheel10 km/h (Kg)25 km/h (Kg)0 km/h (Kg)
5.00-8FL 2525.00-8JS-25.00-83.00D3.25I13848081235950123595014358.3
POWER TRAX HD145480101415109014151090164510.0
18×7-8POWER TRAX HD18×7-8V3-02-0518×7-84.33R5.00F173470162145165021451650249010.0
6.00-9FL 2526.00-9JS-26.00-94.00E17055010171513201715132019958.5
POWER TRAX HD16654310171513201715132019958.5
6.50-10FL 2526.50-10JS-26.50-105.00F5.50F18560510195015001950150022657.8
POWER TRAX HD19959510195015001950150022657.8
23×9-10POWER TRAX HD23×9-10TR 177 A23×9-106.50F23559018316024303160243036709.0
7.00-12FL 2527.00-12TR 75 A7.00-125.00S19068814275521202755212032009.0
POWER TRAX HD20568014275521202755212032009.0
27×10-12POWER TRAX HD27×10-12JS-227×10-128.00G25569014354527253545272541157.0
8.15-15(28×9-15)FL 2528.15-15TR 75 A7.00/8.25-157.007BD22072014377029003770290043809.0
POWER TRAX HD8.15-15TR 75 A7.00/8.25-1522771014377029003770290043809.0
8.25-15FL 2527.50/8.25-15TR 177 A7.00/8.25-156.507.024085514422532504225325049108.0
POWER TRAX HD7.50/8.25-15TR 177 A7.00/8.25-1524884514422532504225325049108.0
250-15POWER TRAX HD250-15TR 77 A250/300/1OL-157.507.024074516435533504355335050608.3
300-15POWER TRAX HD300-15TR 77 A250/300/1OL-158.0030084518585045005850450067957.5
10.00L-15 (36X11-15)POWER TRAX HD10.00L-15TR 177 A250/300/1 OL-157.50BD7.528591816520040005200400060408.8
10.00-20POWER TRAX HD10.00-20TR 78 A10.00-207.58.0285108016600050006000500075509.0
12.00-20POWER TRAX HD12.00-20TR 78A12.00-208.509.032011502082206850822068501034510.0
PT HD SMOOTH12.00-20TR 78A12.00-2032011502082206850822068501034510.0

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