The Best Press-on cushion forklift tyres In Melbourne At PJ Forklift Tyres

Most commonly used for industries that require work to be performed indoors, press-on cushion forklift tyres help in achieving maximum stability on hard indoor surfaces be it, wet, uneven, or loose surfaces. A PJ Forklift cushion press-on tyre with a tread pattern readily improves the grip and maneuverability of the used forklift on these difficult surfaces as well.

Also known as Blackbelt forklift press-on cushion tyres, PJ Forklift press-on cushion tyres are spawned from natural rubber that is sourced from Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia. These tyres are cost-effective and durable and also ensure improved cost-effectiveness. At PJ Forklift Tyre Services, we provide two variants in tread designs that are also available in a wide variety of sizes and types such as non-marking and smooth-pressed press-on cushion tyres.

Press-On Cushion Tyres For Your Forklift In Melbourne

We at PJ Forklift Tyre services, ensure that the press-on cushion tyres that go out to our clientele offer a greater grip and also increased stability and can be utilized for specific operations across various industrial applications. PJ Forklift Tyres also provide a full variety of molded press-on tyres that suits every access type of equipment. These press-on cushion tyres are of warranty against manufacturing defects and parts, on a pro-rata basis.

Why Consider PJ Forklift Services For Press-On Cushion Tyres In Melbourne?

At PJ Forklift Tyres, we supply cushion press-on tyres that suit a multitude of industry verticals that include industrial as well as retail. In addition to custom tyre solutions, PJ Forklift tyre services also provide press-on cushion mobile tyre-fitting services that are provided for new tyre installations as well.

So, if you are ready to order a new set of cushion press-on tyres for your forklift, call us today at 04 195 15841 or you can also mail us at to avail the best competitive quote for press-on cushion tyres anywhere in and around the suburbs of Melbourne. Feel free to send us your inquiries through our contact page and know more about our wide range of press-on tyres.

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