Non-Marking Solid Forklift Tyres for sale In Melbourne

If your forklift causes black patches on the floor, then it’s time for adopting non-marking tyres as these tyres are designed specifically to avoid leaving marks on hard indoor surfaces like concrete and so on. A lack of soot in the rubber used to make these tyres make it white and hence are more resistant to absorbing heat from UV radiation. This makes sure a very slow aging happening when compared to their black counterparts.

Benefits Of using Non-Marking Tyres In Melbourne

Non-marking solid forklift tires have the ability to carry heavy loads. Additionally, its capacity to reduce tread marks on operating floors makes it a good option as well as making it a good choice due to its resistance to UV radiation and thereby any heat build-up as well. Solid non-marking tyres are known for their high traction while operating on concrete floors.

While we at PJ Forklift tyres mention concrete floors, it does not limit to the same. Operating floors could be concrete or any other harsh surfaces or workplaces that manufacture food, or even pharmaceuticals. If your forklift is operated in a customer-facing area, then our non-marking forklift tyres are the best choice you can ever switch to.

Why Buy Solid Non-marking Forklift Tyres From us In Melbourne?

At PJ Forklift Tyres and Services, Non-marking solid forklift tyres may be tailor-designed to well-suit your forklift’s unique operating environment and situations. Though Non-marking tyres are available in solid, pneumatic, and cushion. We advise you with the best tyre solution that suits your application requirements better. For instance, Grocery or food processing plants employ these tyres for hygiene factors mainly.

So, for the most reasonable, durable, and efficient solid forklift non-marking tyres and services in Melbourne, feel free to browse our tyre products and variants. So, drop us a call today at 0419 515 841 or you can also mail us at Get the best competitive price in Melbourne for solid non-marking forklift tyres .

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