Affordable Resilient Puncture-Proof Tyres in Melbourne

The resilient tyres at PJ Forklift Tyres are specifically designed to cater to the most demanding needs of industry in Melbourne. The resilient tyres especially provide consistent and reliable operations and we ensure that each of our tyres undergoes a strict physical and chemical testing processes before leaving our wharehouse.

What Makes PJ Forklift Resilient Puncture-Proof Tyres Special In Melbourne?

Our resilient tyres also known as BlackBelt resilient tyres are manufactured from natural rubber that is sourced from Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia. They are tri-compound tyres that are made to ensure maximum tread life, improved driver comfort, and increased stability that results from the base construction of the tyres. We have many variants in tread designs and are also available in a multitude of sizes, as well as Non-Marking, Quick-fit base designs and also the smooth-tread design. Our tyres ensure a warranty against manufacturing defects and components, on a pro-rata basis.

Why Resilient Puncture-Proof Tyres The Best Choice In Melbourne?

At PJ Forklift Tyre Services, we offer our tyres that are made using the latest compounding technology to be able to withstand the crudest and toughest of industrial applications. We use the best and most reliable forklift tyre technology in Melbourne.

Our tyres are made for meeting high-demand material handling environments, ranging from light-duty or low load applications to high-duty operations. These resilient tyres offered by us also comfortably fit into OEM rims and also suit forklifts, skid-steer and wheel loaders as well. We ensure that these puncture-proof resilient tires offer quality shock absorption and that they are also abrasion as well as breakage-resistant.

Choose us  For The Most Cost-Effective Puncture-Proof Tyres

Resilient tyres  are also known as solid forklift tires are not filled with air. This makes them longer lasting & immune to puncture as well. The various sizes we produce range from 2.50×8 upto 29.5×25. We also produce 385/65 and 445/65 in both 22.5 and 24 inch rims. PJ Forklift Tyres ensure high-quality resilient puncture-proof forklift tyres in Melbourne. Drop us a call on 0419 515 841 or mail us at for the best quote in Melbourne.

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For over thirty years, PJ Forklift Tyre Services has been dedicated to providing superior products specially designed for off-road use. This segment encompasses more than 10 percent of the total tyre market. With that in mind, we are pleased to cater to of-the-road business customers and understand their unique needs.

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