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Businesses use forklifts for many types of projects. From retailers to miners and agricultural facilities, forklifts are a versatile way to move large items. Industries depend on forklifts to help them create a productive, safe workplace. Forklifts take over when manual moving and lifting is impossible. Let PJ Forklift Tyre Services help you discover the advantages of Trelleborg tyres for your forklift.

Trelleborg is a global supplier of forklift tyres used in mining, construction, agricultural and other industries. Business managers around the world depend on Trelleborg tyres to help them accomplish their goals. Highly specialised solutions are available to provide added value and optimum productivity for each valued customer. As a result, customers can meet or exceed their production goals.

Tyre Options

PJ Forklift Tyre Services distributes, installs, services and repairs a wide range of Trelleborg tyres. Choose from solid resistant tyres, solid press-one tyres, pneumatic tyres and polyurethane tyres for forklifts. Paul from PJ Forklift Tyre Services will help you choose the right tyres for your equipment and applications. When you have the right tyres, work is completed quickly and efficiently so your business has little or no down time.

Industrial Applications

Whether you work in forestry or warehousing, Trelleborg tyres are made to tackle the terrain. Detailed specifications mean each tyre is developed with your industry requirements in mind. Boost production and enjoy the ultimate value when you select Trelleborg tyres for your forklift equipment. Realistic prices and the highest level of functionality make Trelleborg tyres one of the leading off-road tyres on the globe.

Selecting Forklift Tyres

PJ Forklift Tyre Services helps customer select the ideal tyres for their workplaces. The surfaces being driven on as well as the kind of work being performed help determine which Trelleborg tyres should be installed on your forklift. From quality products to tyre installation and ongoing service, PJ Forklift Tyre Services ensures your business always gets the highest level of service.

Contact PJ Forklift Tyre Services now to inquire about the myriad of advantages of Trelleborg tyres. Call PJ Forklift Tyre Services on 0419 515 841 to talk to Paul and learn more about the various types of tyres for your forklift.

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For over thirty years, PJ Forklift Tyre Services has been dedicated to providing superior products specially designed for off-road use. This segment encompasses more than 10 percent of the total tyre market. With that in mind, we are pleased to cater to of-the-road business customers and understand their unique needs.

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